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Property surveys

A property survey undertaken by an experienced RICS professional will help you avoid unexpected and costly surprises when purchasing a new home.

Our Countrywide survey reports are designed to provide home buyers and renters with information on the condition of a property, plus repairs and maintenance advice to assist in making a decision on whether to purchase the property or not.

We offer three types of property survey:

  • HomeFact Report
  • RICS HomeBuyer Survey
  • RICS Building Survey

For more information or to book a survey with us, speak to our Survey Advice Support team on 0161 401 2917 or email

Once you have booked a survey to be carried out, our surveyor to contact you to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Which survey is right for you?

Buying a residential property, whether as a home or as a business opportunity can be a significant financial commitment. Ensuring the property is of a suitable type and condition makes sense and may help to avoid a costly decision.

Did you know that a mortgage valuation is only commissioned to satisfy your bank or building society of the financial viability of the loan decision? It does not provide adequate advice and reassurance to you as a purchaser.

Choosing Countrywide to undertake a property survey on your behalf might save you many thousands of pounds whilst providing you with peace of mind about your new property.

HomeFact Report

HomeFact is our property condition report designed to offer you essential information about the home you are buying. It will help you understand your new home better - its condition both inside and out, and what you need to do to maintain it.

Report features:

  • Colour coded and easy to follow.
  • Photographs of any major concerns.
  • Summary of risks and legal matters.
  • Local area information, such as crime statistics, schools, shopping and recreation.
  • Jargon buster and maintenance tips for looking after your home once it’s yours.
  • Digitally interactive.

RICS HomeBuyer Survey

This is our most popular survey and is available on most conventionally constructed properties that are in reasonable condition. It includes the following:

  • Clear ‘traffic light’ ratings of the condition of the different parts of the building, a review of the services connected, garden areas, garage and outbuildings including advice on repairs and on-going maintenance.
  • A summary of risks affecting the property.
  • Identification of issues that need to be investigated to prevent serious damage or dangerous conditions.
  • Our surveyor’s professional opinion on the value of the property, plus a sum for building reinstatement for insurance purposes.
  • A summary of the legal issues which should be investigated before completing a purchase.

RICS Building Survey

Our flagship survey and ideal if you are purchasing a larger, older or more unusual property, including one that has been significantly altered or extended. It’s also suitable for properties in obviously poor condition and may be helpful if are planning to carry out alterations. It will provide you with the following:

  • A more thorough and extensive inspection and a detailed report covering a wider range of issues.
  • Detailed description of the construction of the property.
  • Description and advice on the visible defects and potential problem areas.
  • An outline of repair options and indication of the consequences if matters are not dealt with.
  • Additional advice on energy efficiency.
  • Identification of legal issues that need to be investigated before completing a purchase.

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Guidance & FAQs

Information and guidance on choosing the surveying services most suitable for your needs.

Choosing a survey

Investing time and money into a property is not something to do without proper advice and understanding the condition of the building.

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Property surveys

Our surveys can help you avoid costly surprises, as well as give you peace of mind on your purchase.

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Property inspections

What to expect before and during a property inspection will vary depending on whether it's for survey or mortgage valuation purposes.

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Understanding your survey

Your survey is an important document, you should read it from cover to cover and highlight any sections which you don’t understand or want to discuss further.

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