Countrywide Surveying Services creates innovative new surveyor role

Countrywide Surveying Services (CSS), one of the leading suppliers of valuation panel management services, has created a new surveyor role – Residential Property Assessor (RPAs). This is a position designed to increase business capacity, service growing client demand and attract new talent into the surveying sector.

All of the RPAs have graduated from Countrywide’s Surveyor Training Academy following an extensive training programme on property inspection, building pathology and defect identification.

All Residential Property Assessors have a property-related background and are provided with a full surveyor equipment pack and access to an industry-leading bespoke software solution. This allows them to produce in-depth process driven side notes, intelligent dynamic questions, unlimited high definition photos and videos, a full audit log and dynamic case triage ensuring the risk profile of the property and instruction as appropriate.

These RPAs have been active for the past four months and CSS is in the process of recruiting more trainees to join this scheme.

Matthew Cumber, managing director of Countrywide Surveying Services, commented:

“As a business who is consistently thinking outside the box, we are excited to become the first residential surveying firm to adopt this model and introduce a whole new breed of surveyors into an industry which has been crying out for fresh talent.”

“This was a role created to enhance our capacity and speed of service. A robust training process remains in place for our RPAs but they come with the ability to hit the ground running as we don’t have to wait for a full RICS assessment.

“Through working with intelligent data capture and decisioning software, in addition to improved risk profiling through a powerful decisioning engine coupled with risk perils data, this allows lenders to adopt variable LTV risk profile across a range of service offerings. And with the valuation and lender report produced by a local RICS Registered Valuer, there is no risk attached to the client.”

“After a successful pilot, we are looking to further bolster our RPA team and we will continue exploring new ways to successfully address the many challenges facing the surveying sector and extend our recruitment campaign in the process.”