Complaints procedure

We work hard to ensure your transaction goes smoothly. If you have any concerns, we want to put things right.

Covid 19 Notice - Change to our Service Levels

We continue to respond to the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak and have enabled the majority of our staff to work safely and securely from home. We are currently operating with fewer staff, although these levels are regularly reviewed.

Our focus is to ensure that we adhere to Government guidelines as we continue to exchange and complete on properties now, and undertake legal work on cases that will exchange and complete in the future.   It is our intention to maintain contact with all our customers during this period, but it will be at a reduced level.  This is just a temporary pause, and we expect a gradual return back to normal service when the restrictions imposed by lock down are eased.   We would ask for your patience and cooperation during this challenging time.  

In our initial letter to you, we provided a copy of our complaints procedure – “Making Complaints with Confidence”.  For a temporary period, we have made changes to our internal complaints process to take account of the current situation and this is detailed below.

  • If you contact us with a complaint, a manager will acknowledge it in 3 days and will provide you with a response in 28 days.  
  • If you are unhappy    with this response, please let the manager know. Your complaint will then be acknowledged in 3 days by a Director, who will review and give you our final response in 10 days.  Our intention is always to settle your complaint personally but if you remain unhappy , you can contact the Legal Ombudsman at:

PO Box 6806



Telephone 0300 555 0333  

We do stress that we want to work with you to resolve any issues and concerns that you may have and that will always be our first priority, but we will require more time to achieve this during these challenging times.  We have made the Legal Ombudsman aware of our approach.