As the UK’s largest integrated property services group, our perspective on the market is unique. With over 1,200 estate agency and lettings branches throughout the UK, we see how the housing market is evolving on a daily basis. On-the-ground insight and advanced data analytics allow us to understand the market, and how what’s happening today will change tomorrow.

What next for buy to let?

Despite changes in government policy the private rented sector will continue to grow. This report reveals our predictions for the growth of the rental sector, how landlords earn an income by taking an in depth look at yields and capital gains as well as measuring the build-to-rent premium.

Moving out to the country: Understanding rural migration

A move out of the city into the country invariably comes with some big changes attached and means different things to different people. While some flee hundreds of miles looking for absolute isolation, others start a new life on the edge of the greenbelt just a few miles from their old home.

Countrywide research Summer 2017: What price is a new home?

A new build premium must be earnt. This report unpicks how successful developers are at achieving a premium in different markets, the length of time a premium lasts, how the size of a development affects the premium attached to it and the amount buyers make when they come to sell their new home for the first time.

Landlords of the Future - Spring 2017

Britain’s investors have been remarkably resilient in recent months. Radical policy changes and slowing price growth mean it’s easy to be downbeat about the prospects for buy-to-let. This reports reveals the makeup of the buy-to-let sector, why landlords invest and who they are and starts to explain why we’ve seen the industry weather external factors better than forecast.

Countrywide Quarterly Report: The art of negotiation

Sales happen when a buyer and a seller can reach a compromise that leaves both of them happy. While the price of a home tends to be the focus of the negotiation, there are a whole host of other factors involved too. Who the buyer is, how the deal is funded, and the timescales they’re both working towards all affect their negotiating position. This report looks at the ways buyers and sellers negotiate a deal.

City Focus Series: Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes was part of the final wave of new towns founded between the end of the Second World War and the early 1970s, designed to relieve overcrowded London suburbs. We take a look at who’s moving into Milton Keynes today and how its new neighbourhoods change in the years and decades after they’re built

Housing market Forecasts 2016 - 2018

House price growth is forecast to slow across all regions of the UK over 2016 and 2017, with a recovery in growth rates beginning towards the end of the year and continuing in 2018.

City Focus Series: Bristol

Bristol is the economic capital of the South West and since 2009 has had the second fastest growing local economy in the UK, outpaced only by London. The city’s development has been supported by a thriving housing market and strong manufacturing growth.

With over 10,000 new homes built since 2007, we look at what the future might hold for this rapidly growing city.

Countrywide Quarterly Report: Snakes & Ladders

First-time buyers are front of the pack in the Government’s drive for home ownership, with much recent housing policy aimed at supporting their first purchase. But once they become home owners, their journey doesn’t end, even if the state support does.

This report looks at those moving on for a second, third, fourth and eventually last time, and what their onward mobility means for the rest of the housing market.

City Focus Series: Cardiff

While not known for being a high-rise city, Cardiff's skyline reflects the changing fortunes of the Welsh capital.

Oxford City Focus 2016

Oxford, best known for its world renowned university and architecture, attracts a mix of people from right across the globe. But the city is more complex than the picture of its dreaming spires. This report takes a look at Oxfords housing market with a particular focus on the barriers limiting the city’s growth and the buoyant houses in multiple occupation (HMO) rental market.

How we live: The return of renting

The private rented sector will have a bigger part to play in housing the world's population in future years, yet it remains relatively poorly understood. Some countries have much more mature rental markets, with more institutional landlords and more stable tenancies for residents, this puts them in a much better position for a shift towards renting. Others, the UK among them, will have to adapt to ensure that those renting their homes are just as well housed as those that own them.

Manchester The city centre and suburbs Spring 2016

Manchester city centre has changed beyond recognition over the last decade. This report takes a look a closer look at the Manchester housing market.

Flipping and the role of micro developers - Spring 2016

It’s often said that there are four ‘Ds’ which drive someone to sell a house: death, debt, divorce and the need to downsize. However, for a small number of people, buying and selling houses is a process they’re very familiar with. In the early 2000s the practice of ‘flipping’ homes took off. Typically this means buying, renovating and then selling on a home, in most cases for a profit. This report looks at the role of flipping, specifically those homes bought and sold on in under a year.

Property Policy for the Next London Mayor

This report has been written to inform and stimulate debate on property in the run up to, and after, the London mayoral election.

The chain Unravelling the links between sales

More homes have been sold without an onward chain in 2015 than in any of the previous 10 years. The growth in the number of chain free sales has been driven by a mixture of structural shifts, such as the private rental sector and changing market conditions.

Building for a changing market

It is now widely recognised that the housing market isn't meeting our needs as well as it should. The debate on this has identified many complex reasons as to why the market isn't healthier.

City Focus Series - Newcastle

In recent years, Newcastle has followed a similar path to many other northern cities. A number of high profile city centre projects have served to build confidence. Attracting and retaining knowledge-based sectors is high on the city’s agenda.

Towards a northern powerhouse

Since the early 2000s, the growth of the knowledge economy has proved a boon to many northern cities. For industry, the importance of clustering and location has increased significantly. The last 15 years have seen population losses substantially reversed. More people now live in Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield than at any point during the last 30 years.

City Focus Series: Brighton

While much is made of Londoners buying in Brighton, unpicking who they are and what they are looking for is key to understanding Brighton’s appeal to buyers from the Capital.


Tonic for tomorrow

It’s often said that there are four ‘Ds’ which drive someone to sell a house: death, debt, divorce and the need to downsize. However, for a small number of people, buying and selling houses is a process they’re very familiar with. In the early 2000s the practice of ‘flipping’ homes took off. Typically this means buying, renovating and then selling on a home, in most cases for a profit. This report looks at the role of flipping, specifically those homes bought and sold on in under a year.

Generation Y: the changing face of homeownership

The first cohort of Generation Y who have been able to raise a deposit, now find themselves five or six years into homeownership. This is a generation yet to experience an increase in mortgage rates and for most of those able to buy, the cost of servicing a mortgage has in the main not proved particularly onerous. Just five years into homeownership, Generation Y’s experience has already proved very different to that of their predecessors.


Quarterly Market Review: Winter 2014

This quarter, Countrywide plc looks in detail at the Chancellor George Osborne’s decision to revise the Stamp Duty system, the differences between the major UK house price indices, the outlook for UK house prices over the next two years and why the desire to make mortgage overpayments should be coupled with careful consideration of the terms and conditions of the mortgage.


City Focus Series: Liverpool

As the impact of negative equity recedes, we look at the sectors of the sales and lettings markets which are recovering most strongly. We also look at the impact that permitted office-to-residential developments are having and how new waterfront developments are being priced.


Quarterly Market Review: Autumn 2014

With the Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney hinting that interest rates could rise sooner rather than later, this quarter Countrywide plc looks at the reasons behind the decision of two members of the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) to vote for a 0.25% rise in interest rates.
We also look at the reasons which underpin a household's decision to remortgage, the outlook for commercial property over the next 12 months and the role that the private rented sector plays in facilitating moves into employment.


New Build Development, Demand & Supply 2014

In the first of our New Build Development, Demand & Supply research papers we take a look at Local Authority attitudes towards development, the impact of the Help to Buy scheme on a local level and the success of Stratford following on from the London Olympics.


City Focus Series: Birmingham

As the High Speed 2 project grinds its way through Westminster, we look at the effect the scheme will have on developers, owners and tenants in Birmingham over the next decade.


Quarterly Market Review: Summer 2014

With Help to Buy never far away from the headlines, this quarter Countrywide plc looks at where those buying through the scheme come from and the types of mortgage products they're using.

Countrywide plc's Q2 2014 Quarterly Market Review also looks at the number of homes built across Europe over the last decade, the impact of the £500,000 loan to income cap introduced by major banks and how rising house prices are driving first time buyers to cheaper areas of the country.


Quarterly Market Review: Spring 2014

Countrywide’s Q1 2014 housing market review looks at where the Help to Buy Equity Loan Scheme is having the largest influence on the housing market, how the population of England's cities is changing, the reasons behind the shortage of properties for sale and the impact that a recovering housing market is having on the surveying industry.


City Focus Series: Glasgow

In the last 12 months Glasgow's housing market has been driven by local factors. We look at the groups behind the recovery and the impact that the Commonwealth Games is having on local rental markets.


Quarterly Market Review: Winter 2013

Countrywide’s Q4 2013 housing market review looks at how house building over the last 10 years has benefited first time buyers, the growing mismatch between housing supply and demand in the South East and who the largest beneficiaries of new lending have been in 2013.



As Crossrail construction passes it's halfway point we look at the impact the scheme is having on housing markets across London. We focus on the levels of activity and prices around each of the stations to understand the effect it's had so far and the potential for it to drive development in each area over the next five years.


High Speed 2

As the High Speed 2 (HS2) project inches forward we look at the impact it's having on housing markets on the first phase on the route between London and Birmingham. We use the experience of High Speed 1 to assess the effect that HS2 may have on housing markets along the route, both during the construction phase but also once the scheme fully operational.


Manchester: A city of first time buyers

With half of all mortgage lending in Manchester going to first time buyers, we look at the implications for the city and why Manchester has become so popular with those buying for the first time.

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