What's your property worth?

If you've ever asked yourself this, here's the inside track on what exactly your home is worth.

Did you know that properties are twice as likely to sell if priced right the first time?* That’s why getting a valuation from an expert is vital.

The question to ask here is ‘what would someone be willing to pay for your property?’. Getting the price right is one of the areas where a good agent can add significant value. 

If you price up, you could get lucky but you’ll need to be prepared for your property to sit on the market. You might even have to sell at a lower price or you might miss the buyer boat completely and fail to sell at all. Pricing down can also go both ways. You could attract attention, sell quickly and even start a bidding war which could result in a high price. On the other hand, you could sell quickly but for less than you might have hoped.

To give you a good idea of how much you could sell for, it’s worth trying our 60-second valuation from one of the local estate agents within the Countrywide network.

Try our quick and easy 60-second valuation

So, where do you start with pricing your home?

Kickstart the sales process by doing your own research to see what is happening in your local housing market. Speak to a local agent in your area and ask about recently sold properties. You should look to compare houses that have similar features to yours – and what price they are on the market for now.

How do you get the most accurate idea of what you could sell for?

For this, you’ll want to seek professional advice from local estate agents. They have a wide range of experience and are there to help make the sales process as seamless as possible. They can help give you an idea of what buyers are looking for, advice on how to add value to your home as well as a view of your local property market.

Why not take a few minutes to set up a free expert valuation on your home? All you have to do is fill out a couple of contact details and one of our experts in your area will be in touch. It’s the best way to find out what your property is worth.

Try the most accurate valuation for your property...

How does a valuation work?

Pricing a home takes into account a huge array of factors – things like the number of bedrooms, public transport links as well as wider market conditions. But buying a home isn’t a technical or scientific process – emotions often come into play. Things like whether the property overlooks a greenbelt or whether it has character or unique features. 

Should you price above or below the valuation guide price?

The valuation gives an accurate estimate of what your property could sell for. At your expert valuation, you can ask the agent as many questions as you like. We would recommend setting a realistic price – although some sellers like to price above the valuation guide price. Thing is, the more realistic your price is, the more buyer interest you'll receive. More buyer interest means it’s then easier to negotiate the price up if you have a number of people interested.

Some expert advice to pricing and selling your home…

It’s your home. You’re attached to it and it holds so many emotional memories. Our advice is to distance yourself as much as possible so you can view the valuation of it with a clear head. Your local agent will always give you an honest, expert opinion and will always justify the price they give. 

Good questions to think about when selling - and to ask at your expert valuation are: 

'What's the highest price my house could sell for?'


'What price will generate the most interest in my house?'

Final thought

Well done for making it to the end. You’re now equipped with all you need to start your sales journey – and book that expert valuation. After your valuation, you can work with the agent and decide whether you're prepared to play a waiting game for a higher price or whether you’d like to sell quickly. Whatever you decide, it all starts with a valuation…

How much could you sell for?


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