AXA: Is your garden summer ready?

Top tips to protect your contents in the garden this Summer

Now that Easter’s a distant memory, bringing BBQ’s one day and snow for many the next, it’s time to start getting our gardens ‘summer ready.’

In 2020, many people invested in their gardens to make this a blissful space where they were going to be spending more time. It caused a splurge in purchases such as pizza ovens, which saw a 306%* rise in sales as well as fire pits, garden furniture, climbing frames, hot tubs and patio heaters all being snapped up too. And with more time being spent at home, a new generation of gardeners has arisen, increasing the amount spent on plants in the garden.

But do you know what you are covered for under your home insurance?

Most insurance provides protection from perils in the garden such as:

Theft or attempted theft

Make sure your items can’t be easily seen by people walking past your property as it could make an easy target for thefts. It’s a good idea to put away items in locked outbuildings at night or when you are out, to help deter a potential theft from occurring.

Malicious people or vandals

Where possible, make the access to your garden through a locked gate so it makes it less accessible and more hassle for the potential vandal.

Fire, smoke, explosion, lightning or earthquake damage

BBQ’s and firepits should never be left unattended as they could cause serious damage if a fire escalated. Fences and hedges can set alight easily and cause a lot of damage very quickly as well as impact on people’s safety.

Accidental damage or loss is also another area that many insurers cover in the garden. For our Countrywide Homeowner policy, providing you select to cover for accidental damage on your contents, your garden items would also be covered for this.

What’s buildings and what’s contents?

Some parts of the garden may fall under your buildings insurance. For example, a fixed jacuzzi is likely to be considered part of the buildings. However, items that aren’t fixed to the property are often deemed as contents such as BBQ’s, movable pizza ovens and patio heaters to name a few. Most insurers have a limit for contents in the garden or in the open so it’s worth checking to make sure your new purchases are covered.

Our Countrywide Homeowner policy, underwritten by AXA Insurance UK plc, provides cover for Contents in the Garden up to £1,000. We also provide cover for Garden Plants up to £500. Terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions apply.

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