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Countrywide is followed by the analysts listed below. The list includes analysts currently known by the Group but may not be complete and may change as firms add or delete coverage. 

Consensus estimates for 2019, on a pre-IFRS 16 basis, are as follows:

Consensus for the Group                                                            2019

Countrywide plc EBITDA (pre-IFRS 16)                                        £28m

In December 2019, the Group agreed the sale of our non-core commercial business, Lambert Smith Hampton (LSH). Following exchange of contracts and shareholder approval, the buyer, failed to complete the transaction.

Lambert Smith Hampton remains as an asset held for sale and under IFRS 5 is reported as a discontinued business. The adjusted consensus for the Group’s continuing residential business is:

Consensus for Continuing Operations                                  2019

Countrywide plc  EBITDA (pre-IFRS 16)                                    £28m

Discontinued operations, LSH                                                  £6.33m*

Consensus for Continuing Operations                                 £21.67m

  • Consensus for discontinued operations based on an agreed sale price of LSH £38 miliion at a 6x multiple; consensus is £38m/6, £6.33m

On 30 April COVID-19, the Company withdrew formal guidance in respect of 2020 and we will look to reinstate consensus numbers on our website when appropriate


Gavin Jago, Barclays

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Chris Millington, Numis

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Sam Cullen, Berenberg

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Glynis Johnson, Jefferies

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